Your Gun Is Protecting You, But What's Protecting Your Gun?

Stop by for customizable cerakoting in the Princeton & Evansville, IN area

Are you searching for a way to protect your gun from damage? Visit the experts at Red Dawn Armory, located in Princeton, IN, to shield your gun with cerakote.

Cerakote is a baked-on polymer-ceramic composite coating that can protect your weapon from abrasions/wear resistance, corrosion, hardness and impact strength . It can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The finish can be customized to any color or pattern you'd like, from plain solid colors to wild patterns. You can trust us to duplicate any design you can think of. Just describe the look you want or bring in a digital picture for us to work with. Contact us now to schedule cerakoting services in Princeton, IN.

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Our Cerakoting Process

You can trust us for a complete cerakote job customized to your liking. Our cerakoting process takes about four hours to complete. During the process, we'll:

Disassemble your gun

Strip down the gun

Soak the gun in acetone

Dry the gun in an oven

Blow off excess residue

Apply color